Friday, November 29, 2013

U.S. NAVY - Bribery Scandal

A personal note, as retired Navy I can tell you that at the very least all the officers involved, including the two Admirals, carriers are dead.  Those not criminally charged will retire.

"Navy commanders accused of taking bribes for contracts in fraud scandal" PBS Newshour 11/27/2013


JEFFREY BROWN (Newshour):  For decades, Leonard Francis, known as "Fat Leonard" for his imposing girth, has been well-connected in top U.S. Navy circles, perhaps too connected.

His company, Glenn Defense Marine, provided logistics support to U.S. warships at ports in East Asia.  Since 2011, the company has won more than $200 million in Navy contracts, contracts that federal investigators now charge are at the center of an elaborate criminal conspiracy involving bribery, fraud and more.

Last month, The Washington Post reported that Francis plied top Navy commanders with prostitutes, cash, luxury hotel rooms...


JEFFREY BROWN:  ... even tickets to a Lady Gaga concert in Thailand.  In return, officials at the Justice Department say, Francis received classified information on ship deployments.  He also allegedly pressured commanders to steer ships to ports where his company would then overcharge for services like sewage disposal and tugboats.

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