Wednesday, November 20, 2013

ACA HEALTH CARE - Stories, State of Massachusetts

Note that Massachusetts passed its own health care law (2006) BEFORE Obama care.  In fact much of the ACA is modeled after their state law.

"Facing rising health costs, Massachusetts seeks cost-cutting that improves care" PBS Newshour 11/19/2013


SUMMARY:  With an outcome of near universal health coverage for residents of the Bay State, the 2006 reform of Massachusetts' health care system has also come with higher prices.  Paul Solman reports on the state's effort to slow rising costs by looking for ways to cut spending on care that doesn't add value or improve health.

GWEN IFILL (Newshour):  Much of the anger and debate surrounding the Affordable Care Act focuses on questions of coverage and individual costs for the consumer.  But another big question is whether it can hold down overall costs, as intended.

The state of Massachusetts is now grappling with that very question, something it didn't do when lawmakers first expanded coverage there.

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