Thursday, November 14, 2013

PHILIPPINES - Monster Storm Leads to Despair and Uncertainty

"Dwindling supplies add to despair and uncertainty in the Philippines" (Part-1) PBS Newshour 11/13/2013


JOHN IRVINE, Independent Television News:  It's the last place outsiders have reached, the town of Guiuan, the eastern edge of this country, where the Philippines meet the Pacific.

We headed into what's left.  The soldier with us was a guide, not a guard.  The people here could not have been more welcoming as they showed us the horrendous destruction.

Guiuan's location, normally a blessing, was on Friday a terrible curse.  There's nothing to the east of this town other than thousands of miles of Pacific Ocean, and it was from there that the typhoon came.  The most powerful storm ever recorded by man first encountered mankind right here and dealt a terrible blow.

Several people were killed here in a sports center designated as a shelter, a refuge that became a death trap as the typhoon blew the roof in.  The monster storm killed at least 85 people.  And the survivors still can't quite believe that they lived through it.

"Storm debris continues to be obstacle to typhoon relief efforts" (Part-2) PBS Newshour 11/13/2013


SUMMARY:  Relief supplies have been slow to reach typhoon victims due to physical obstacles slowing down delivery.  The lack of aid and growing desperation have led to a "breakdown of peace and order" in the hardest hit regions.  Gwen Ifill talks to Richard Gordon of the Philippine Red Cross about the challenges.

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