Saturday, November 09, 2013

PHILIPPINES - Super Typhoon Haiyan

Note to the nay-sayers on climate change.  Catastrophic cyclone hits India in October and now the super typhoon hits the Philippines, these are evidence of the predicted consequence of a warmer world climate.

Note that typhoon Haiyan is expected to hit China.

"Super Typhoon Haiyan pummels the Philippines leaving severe damage in its wake" PBS Newshour 11/8/2013


JUDY WOODRUFF (Newshour):  In the Philippines, speed may have saved lives.  The massive typhoon that ripped across that country moved at about 25 miles per hour, so fast, it decreased the impact of rain and landslides, which can be a major cause of deaths.

We begin with a report narrated by Angus Walker of Independent Television News.

ANGUS WALKER:  With gusts of more than 230 miles an hour, Super Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines with massive force, houses torn apart.  Huge waves crashed into the coast, almost a million people forced to flee from one of the strongest storms ever recorded.

There are reports of flash floods and landslides from many of the islands worst affected, but with power and communications severely disrupted, no one has an entirely confident assessment of the damage so far.  At least seven ships have sunk in rough seas.  Crew members from a barge forced to abandon their vessel were luckily spotted and rescued.

This is the main operations center of the Philippines Red Cross here in Manila, and they're working through the night trying to assess the extent of the damage, and one of the worst affected provinces is completely cut off.

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