Monday, November 11, 2013

CHINA - 5 to 10 Year Economic Plan

"Chinese party leaders consider major economic reforms" PBS Newshour 11/10/2013


HARI SREENIVASAN (Newshour):  China is now the world's second largest economy.  What happens there naturally has great ill reply indications for the rest of the world.  We want to spend some time talking about a very important meeting in Beijing.  It involves the top leaders of the ruling party and is expected to produce major economic reforms.  Elizabeth Economy is the director of Asia Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.

So how in this day and age they are having a closed door meeting about their economic policy reforms, why is it so consequential?

ELIZABETH ECONOMY, Council on Foreign Relations:  This is a gathering of the top leadership of the Communist Party about the top not quite 400 members of the Central Committee and the alternate members.  And they're gathering to lay out the trajectory of economic reform for the next five to ten years.  So it is highly consequential.  And they're really talking about nothing less than reforming the fundamental underpinnings of the Chinese economy.  So whether they're able to accomplish that, at this meeting over the next few years is really going to be incredibly important for China for five to ten years out.

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