Monday, November 11, 2013

HEALTH - Maine's Way to Save on Prescription Drugs

We know what this issue is REALLY about, big-pharma wanting to keep their fat bottom-line, aka greed.

Also, note that even a Republican State Senator see the truth.

"Maine’s prescription for drug savings:  Go foreign" PBS Newshour 11/9/2013


SUMMARY:  Maine employers and consumers say that importing prescriptions from foreign mail-order pharmacies saves them a lot of money -- and legislators passed a law legalizing imports.  The drug industry and the state's pharmacists say imports can be dangerous -- supporters say the drugs are identical.  Now, a federal court will decide.

RICK KARR (Newshour):  The battle between the State of Maine and the pharmaceutical industry started in Portland when the city found a way to cut its health care costs.  By the time the battle ends, the whole country might feel the effects.  If Maine wins, it could get a lot easier for Americans to import cheaper prescription drugs.  If the pharmaceutical companies and their allies win, importing drugs could be harder than ever.  One side in the battle is made up of employers -- and their employees.  They say they’re fighting for the right to spend less on health care.

RICK KARR:  How much money does this save the company every year?

SCOTT WELLMAN, employer:  About $400,000.  That's our savings per year.
DOUG THOMAS, Republican State Senator:  You don't get to take advantage of people.  "I have this drug, this pill, and it will save your life.  What will you give me for it?" is that the way we do business in the United States?  And, of course, you're going to pay whatever you have to to save your life.  And that's not right.  It's real close, I think, to holding a gun to people's head.  And it's wrong.

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