Tuesday, November 12, 2013

ACA HEALTH CARE - Reactions Series Part 1, Young Invincibles

"Wisconsin aims to convince 'young invincibles' to sign up for health coverage" PBS Newshour 11/11/2013


JUDY WOODRUFF (Newshour):  Tonight, we begin a weeklong series on reactions to the Affordable Care Act, now that Americans have had time to read the fine print.

First, we focus on a pivotal demographic needed to make the state health exchanges work, a group often referred to as young invincibles.

Our report comes from our colleagues at Wisconsin Public Television.

The correspondent is Frederica Freyberg.

GEORGIA CURRY, yoga instructor:  Take a deep, deep breath in.

FREDERICA FREYBERG, Wisconsin Public Television:  Twenty-five-year-old Georgia curry is a college graduate and yoga instructor.

GEORGIA CURRY:  Kind of working as a freelancer in different areas at different yoga studios in fitness.  And I need insurance.

Grab your left ankle.

FREDERICA FREYBERG:  She says she needs insurance by next year, when she turns 26 and is no longer on her parents plan.

Curry acknowledges her work keeps her fit.  She knows she's young and healthy, but not invincible.

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