Tuesday, November 05, 2013

ART - Masterpieces Uncovered After 70 Years

"Picasso, Matisse masterpieces uncovered in Munich after 70 years in hiding" PBS Newshour 11/4/2013


CORDELIA LYNCH, Independent Television News:  Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, the roll call of grand masters behind artwork allegedly looted by the Nazis.  They were found more than two years ago, but were kept secret, and we still can't see them.  Some experts say it's only the tip of the iceberg.

ANNE WEBBER, Commission for Looted Art in Europe:  We're talking about artworks that you can buy without any history of ownership.  You can sell them without any history of ownership.  People are prepared to buy.   People think -- and if they are problematic, they can get sold privately.

CORDELIA LYNCH:  The grand trove was found in this flat in Munich, surrounded by clutter.  And it was all by chance.

Tax officials came here to speak to Cornelius Gurlitt, the reclusive son of art dealer Hildebrand Gurlitt.  He's been in charge of collecting so-called degenerate modern art in the run-up to the Second World War, seized from Jews or removed from galleries, but it appears he left some of them to his son.

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