Wednesday, January 22, 2014

AFGHANISTAN - Political Uncertainty Affecting Security?

"How does political uncertainty affect Afghanistan's security?" PBS Newshour 1/20/2014


GWEN IFILL (Newshour):  The Taliban carried out a brazen attack today against a military base in Southern Afghanistan. Using a truck bomb, gunmen stormed the complex and killed an American soldier.  That followed an assault Friday that targeted a restaurant frequented by Westerners in Kabul; 21 civilians were killed, 13 of them non-Afghans, in the single deadliest attack against foreign citizens since the war started.

Claiming responsibility, the Taliban said the attack was in retaliation for an airstrike last week against insurgents in the eastern Parwan province.  There is little agreement on the genesis of that attack.  There were a number of civilian causalities, but there are conflicting reports on how many were killed.

For more on the instability in Afghanistan, we turn to Washington Post reporter Pamela Constable.  She recently returned from the country.  And Omar Samad, a former Afghan Foreign Ministry spokesman who also served as the country's ambassador to France and to Canada.

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