Monday, January 06, 2014

CHILDREN - Music and Young Brains

"Making sure young brains get the benefits of music training" PBS Newshour 1/4/2014


SUMMARY:  The percentage of students receiving music education has been in decline for decades.  The Harmony Project, a music program for inner-city kids in Los Angeles partners with a neurobiologist to study the impact of music training on the learning skills of poor children.
DR. NINA KRAUS, neurobiologist at Northwestern University:  There have been a number of studies.  And the language abilities seem to be strengthened by the music instruction more than the art.  And so these language-based skills seem to profit from music instruction.

JOSH ARONSON :  The Harmony Project has 17 sites in Los Angeles and one in Ventura.  And there are 16 more in three other states.

CONDUCTOR:  Here we go.  From the Allegro.  Measure 37…

JOSH ARONSON:  What are the goals, where do you want to take this?

MARGARET MARTIN:  Oh man, my dream is to build Harmony Project programs in inner cities throughout the country because our students are achieving their unique potential.  They are blossoming.

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