Wednesday, January 08, 2014

WEATHER - Polar Vortex Descends on U.S.

BOY!  Am I glad I live in San Diego (Southern California).

"Polar vortex descends on U.S. with dangerously low temperatures" (Part-1) PBS Newshour 1/6/2014


SUMMARY:  A cyclone of arctic air known as a polar vortex stretched from the Dakotas to the deep South, bringing wind chill warnings on the heels of near-blizzard conditions in some regions.  Several Midwest states shut schools and urged everyone to stay inside, while airlines canceled thousands of flights.  Gwen Ifill reports.

"Confronting bitter weather, Midwest mayors address help for vulnerable citizens" (Part-2) PBS Newshour 1/6/2014


SUMMARY:  Gwen Ifill talks to Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges and St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay about the precautions they are taking in their cities and what special help they offer for citizens like the elderly and the impoverished who may be in greater danger during this winter chill.

"Polar vortex chills Americans with another day of record cold temperatures" (Part-1) PBS Newshour 1/7/2014


SUMMARY:  The polar vortex held its grip over the U.S., bringing frigid winds to places accustomed to cold winters and even sending ice and snow into the Deep South.  The record negative temperatures caused some towns in Indiana to lose power and stranded train passengers near Chicago.  Judy Woodruff reports.

"How a winter 'wobble' brought freezing North Pole temperatures to the U.S." (Part-2) PBS Newshour 1/7/2014


SUMMARY:  The strong winds that normally keep the masses of very cold air contained near the North Pole weakened this week, allowing frigid temperatures to reach down into the United States.  Judy Woodruff talks to Andrew Freedman of Climate Central about the science behind the polar vortex.

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