Friday, January 10, 2014

SPACE - Message From the Interstellar Safety Council, Humans Terrifyingly Dangerous

"What if the rest of the alien universe was terrified of humans?" by Casey Chan, Sploid 1/9/2014

In almost every scifi movie worth re-watching, it seems that us humans are always less technologically advanced, dumber and only serve as a mere speed bump into an alien race eliminating humans to take over our planet and suck Earth dry of its resources.  We're always the weaker ones in alien wars.  Well, what if we're not?  Tom Scott imagined a scenario where everyone else in the universe was afraid of humans.  It's fantastic.

The premise of the video, Danger: Humans, is simple, it's a PSA from the Interstellar Safety Council notifying alien races how terrifyingly dangerous and awful humans can be.  The video is perfect because it turns basic everyday things that humans do into something much more frightening (and completely true), like eating other life forms for sustenance.  The PSA video also admits some of our weak points which is our need for oxygen and comedically, our self-delusion but it does stress that if humans reach another planet that has oxygen, we will take it over.

It's fascinating to imagine the other side in a scifi story, like if we were the aliens who invaded somebody else's home planet and wanted to take it over and not the other way around (as it is in most movies).  It's a premise—humans as the bad guys—that should be explored in more movies and stories.  We don't know what's out there, we don't know where we rank, so why can't we be the people most feared in the universe?

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