Wednesday, January 15, 2014

CYBERCRIME - Can Shoppers Protect Their Personal Information?

My answer, you cannot completely secure your information when using ANY form of online commerce, which includes the card scanners at stores.  "If you build a 10ft firewall, hackers will build a 12ft ladder."

All you can do is closely monitor ALL your statements (bank and credit) and use at least on well known credit protection service.  One example is LifeLock.  These services are worth every penny.

The government does need to make it easier, AND faster, for consumers to clear their credit and identity from Identity-Theft.

"How can shoppers keep their information secure amid retail hacks?" PBS Newshour 1/14/2014


GWEN IFILL (Newshour):  New revelations have come to light in the past several days about the massive hacking attack of consumers' information affecting customers of some major retail stores.  They're raising more concerns over how many people may be at risk and what individuals need to know to protect themselves.

The holiday shopping season is over, but the data breach that hit retail giant Target is still growing.  The company now acknowledges that information on up to 110 million accounts was compromised.  Initial estimates were 40 million.

Today, two U.S. senators demanded answers from Target's CEO.  Commerce Committee Chairman John Rockefeller and fellow Democrat Claire McCaskill said in a letter:  "We expect that your security experts have had time to fully examine the cause and impact of the breach and will be able to provide the committee with detailed information."

The breach has scared some shoppers away from pulling out their credit cards.

WOMAN:  I would rather just use -- try and use cash here until they straighten everything out.  So, it seems a little scary.

GWEN IFILL:  While others say they're just going about their business.

MAN:  Yes, I use a credit card, but it wouldn't deter me, because, really, Target is like all the big businesses, you know?  Cyber-theft is cyber-theft.

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