Friday, August 11, 2006

VIEWS - From the Muslim World

When are we, the West, going to seriously take into account how the Muslim World see us. Their perception of the West, not ours.

It is not possible to make useful plans and policies without a clear (as can be) understanding of "the other side's" view. Presently we are relying on our anger, prejudiced views of others, and politically motivated (lets get reelected) rhetoric.

The article "The aftermath" by Dan Kennedy, Media Nation; and his referenced link to "Muslims stung by terror claims" The Guardian, have good points.

When you boil these articles down, what remains is the Muslim World keeps a very long memory (centuries) and they do not trust anything that comes from the West. They will not accept that the West is not in a long campaign against Muslims, and in conjunction with the fanatic's belief in World domination of Islam, is their distrust of the West surprising? No, especially with what is happening in the Middle East as I type.

Our, the West's, job is to decide how we can moderate the Muslim's world-view. If at all possible. Right now, today, I am very pessimistic.

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