Tuesday, August 15, 2006

VIEW FROM THE UK - Foiled Plot

"No dead Lebanese children on TV today" by Craig Murray, August 10, 2006

It is a fact that only the closest Blair circle bothers to deny, that if young British Muslims are turning to terrorism, it is the Blair-Bush foreign policy of war on Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine that has driven them to it. The majority of British people share their outrage at our foreign policy. That is not to condone the response of irrational violence. Terrorism is plain wrong. But it is Blair who has, through his evangelical embrace of the neo-con foreign agenda, massively increased any current threat of terrorism to the UK.

Add another who sees what our American government is doing is not making us safe. On the contrary, it is making more and more enemies each hour and day we continue killing Muslim civilians and occupying an Arab/Muslim countries.

No matter what the Bush Administration says or believes, Muslims world-wide do not believe the same. They see us as imperialist invaders that are killing innocent Muslims. We are, in fact, playing into terrorist's hands.

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