Wednesday, August 02, 2006

ANTI-AMERICA - More on Corporate Abandonment of America

"U.S. Employers Look Offshore for Healthcare" by Daniel Yi, Los Angels Times

After going overseas to outsource everything from manufacturing to customer services, American businesses — pressed by rising healthcare costs — are looking offshore for medical benefits as well.

A growing number of employers that fund their own health insurance plans are looking into sending ailing employees abroad for surgeries that in the U.S. cost tens of thousands of dollars more.

Carl Garrett of Leicester, N.C., will fly to a state-of-the-art New Delhi hospital in September for surgeries to remove gallstones and to fix an overworn rotator cuff. His employer, Blue Ridge Paper Products Inc. of Canton, N.C., will pay for it all, including airfare for Garrett and his fiancee. The company also will give Garrett a share of the expected savings, up to $10,000, when he returns.

Garrett chose to go abroad rather than have the operations locally, where he would have paid thousands of dollars in deductibles and co-pays.

Blue Ridge, which employs 2,000 and funds its own health plan, began studying the idea out of frustration with rising rates at local hospitals, company officials said. Blue Ridge's healthcare costs have doubled in the last five years, to about $9,500 a year per employee.

"The hospitals have a monopoly. They don't care, because where else are patients going to go?" said benefits director Bonnie Blackley. "Well, we are going to go to India."

So, while the "Corporate Health Syndicate" (health equipment + drug companies + health insurance + healthcare) keep pumping up their prices in the name of profits, other corporate interests abandon America in the name of profits. And we are supposed to believe this is better for America and the American people?

For the "good" of America we need to limit what the Corporate Health Syndicate charges so American people can afford health care and services; and provide jobs for American doctors and nurses, and other Americans employed in health care related industry. In America, not in another country.

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