Tuesday, August 15, 2006

POLITICS - Conservative Denial

"Denial is a River in the Heart of the Republicans" by Devilstower, Political Cortex

We've all seen it. That smug little smirk on the face of Donald Rumsfeld as he addresses lesser mortals. That irritating two beat giggle that terminates a Bush sentence. That endless grin of Alberto Gonzales as he lies over and over. That look of air-headed superiority is the natural face of Conservatism -- the face that says they're right, you're wrong, and facts aren't even an issue.

If there's anything that conservatives are sure about it's, well, everything. They've been convinced for decades that they were the bearers of the secret flame, the guardians of truth, the holders of all the cards.

So what do you think will happen now that every single thing they've done has ended in utter disaster? Do you think they'll start to doubt themselves?

Buddy, you never met a conservative.

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Add, that in today's GOP, GOP = God's Own Party.

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