Wednesday, August 02, 2006

POLITICS - A Hometown View, Iraq

George Bush is sleeping just fine. Here is the problem. Bush is a narcissistic megalomaniac. So, in effect, his mouth may be saying "I am sorry people are dying," but his diseased mind is telling him, "No.. people are not dying. People can't be dying! This is my perfect solution. In my solution people don't die!"

Sadly, what brought him to this state is his childhood dream of pleasing his father. George feels if he acts like a war time president as his father was in the Gulf War, that pleases his father. It is a disorder.

Now, as for Bush's handlers that have concocted this horrid mess, they simply saw a shallow minded child that they could manipulate. What is worse, the handlers knew they could step away, no worse for wear, if it all when wrong -- leaving the child, George Bush, to take the blame.

Sadly, the voters allowed themselves to be scared into invading Iraq in the first place. Americans were frightened by rumors of further attacks like 9/eleven. Better than 9 people in 10 supported Bush when he first went into Iraq. Everyone looked at the 2003 invasion of Iraq as another 100-day war like the Gulf war. It would be over quickly. Even Rumsfeld suggested that on Nov. 15, 2002.

Sadly, the voters didn't wise up until much later. But it was too late. Congress, bought and sold by big money defense contractors, just keeps shoveling money at the Iraq conflict. Proof: Halliburton after tax profits in 2004 only $375 million, after tax profits in 2005 $2,225 million, ( $2.2 billion). Halliburton's profits are up 600%. Bush's handlers know this and are happy to see the war in Iraq continue. They are getting rich off the blood of American soldiers and thousands of Iraqi citizens, including little children.

We have a mentally ill child in the Whitehouse.

Brian David Smith, San Diego, California

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