Tuesday, June 01, 2010

POLITICS - More on the GOP Sinking Sun (in the Gulf)

"Wait For The Republicans to Complain" by "All Facts Support My Positions," All Facts Support My Positions 5/30/2010

It is just starting.

The party that wants government to get out of the way. The party that is against ALL regulation. The party that preaches “smaller government” with every breath, now wants the government to clean up the Gulf of Mexico. Clean it up with what?

All the tax money they collected from oil companies? Republicans wouldn’t even vote to raise taxes to fund a war. I am sure the zero they collected from Exxon last year in income tax will go a long way towards containing and cleaning up the Gulf right?

The Republicans got just what they bargained for. One Dead Gulf of Mexico. I hope they spent all their campaign contributions well…. Drill baby drill. Smaller government is better. etc. etc. etc.

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