Wednesday, June 30, 2010

OIL SPILL - Opinion, GOP Failure

"Gulf oil spill disaster demonstrates that GOP fails to accept reality" by David Heller, Morning Call 6/28/2010

The Gulf disaster clearly demonstrates Republicans are not serious about protecting the environment or worker safety. It is now obvious that all the major energy companies have been simply cutting and pasting the same bogus response plan for years. The president has prudently placed a temporary moratorium on new drilling operations until these companies can demonstrate fundamental safety measures are in place. This doesn't shut down existing production; it affects only new, deep-water drilling. If energy companies had these measures in place as they had claimed, it would not be an issue. How reckless do these companies need to be before Republicans start to hold them responsible?

We saw 11 Americans killed and are witnessing the worst environmental disaster perhaps in human history. Yet U.S. Rep. Charles Boustany, R- Louisiana, tells us the moratorium is "based on unfounded science. It is not really based on any knowledge of technology or facts on the ground." Huh? On what planet does this gentleman spend most of his time?

Debating how to solve the energy problem is a healthy part of our democratic process. But how can we have the debate when half of our leadership refuses to acknowledge reality?

Totally agree. But remember what the GOP worships: Money, non-regulation, and corporations BEFORE individual people.

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