Wednesday, June 09, 2010

POLITICS - Conservative's View of BP

"Despite the devastation BP has caused, about a third of conservatives view the oil giant favorably" Think Progress 6/7/2010

As oil from BP’s Deepwater Horizon well makes its way deep into the marshes of the Gulf Coast, and the wildlife toll mounts, the company announced today that cleanup costs have already reached $1.25 billion and are growing quickly. Given this devastation, it’s not surprising that a vast majority of Americans — 72 percent — now have a negative view of the company, a new Rasmussen poll found. However, 22 percent still have a somewhat or very favorable view of the foreign oil giant. EnviroKnow examined the crosstabs from the poll and found that this group of BP supporters is made up disproportionately of conservatives:

On BP favorability, a few key statistics stick out:
  • Conservatives are four times more likely to view BP favorably as Liberals are

  • Republicans are more than twice as likely to view BP favorably as Democrats are

  • Whites are nearly twice as likely to view BP favorably as Blacks are

Given conservatives’ almost religious devotion to offshore drilling, perhaps this is not surprising. While a majority of Americans now believe increased offshore drilling is “too risky,” several Republican leaders have called for an immediate expansion of drilling, even before the investigation of the Deepwater Horizon disaster is complete. Meanwhile, evidence mounts that BP flouted safety regulations before the disaster, and there are legitimate questions about the sincerity of BP’s pledge to pay for all damages from the spill. A recent Washington Post-ABC News poll, 64 percent of Americans would support a federal decision to pursue criminal charges against the company.

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Larry said...

One of my most favorite vacations was to the Florida Keys home to the third largest reef in the world. Sad to say I may be left with just memories if the oil kills the reef and we will lose a national treasure.
I share the blame for the destruction, as a consumer my contribution to our nations never ending hunger for petroleum products has fueled the need to push ever farther to support my habit.