Friday, June 25, 2010

OT - The Unbelievable Tennis Match

(OT = Off Topic)

I am not a big sports fan. I don't watch sports most of the time, with the exceptions of New Years Day college football (American) and The Superbowl.

One sport I have an interest in is Tennis. Mainly because I played with my dad when I was a kid (many decades ago). Of course, the premier game is Wimbledon.

On 6/24/2010 the "Unbelievable Tennis Match" was played at Wimbledon. A 11hr/3day game where John Isner won over Nicolas Mahut. The 5th set alone took 8 hours and 11 minutes.

"Isner beats Mahut in epic 11-hour match" AP 6/24/2010

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