Monday, June 21, 2010

GULF OIL SPILL - BP Change of Command

"Hayward to be relieved of operational control in Gulf" from AP

Mark Murray writes: Per NBC's foreign desk: BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg told Sky News in Britain that, at some time soon, CEO Tony Hayward will return to the U.K. and hand over day-to-day operational control for BP's salvage operation in the Gulf.

Svanberg told Sky News business correspondent Jeff Randall: "[Hayward] is now handing over the operation to Bob Dudley."

Mr. Dudley is the managing director of the oil giant.

Mr. Svanberg also told Randall that comments by Mr. Hayward have had detrimental effects as the company seeks to control the fallout from the disaster.

"It is clear Tony has made remarks that have upset people," Mr. Svanberg said.

Mr. Svanberg admitted that the disaster is turning from an industrial accident into a much broader concern and he will now expand his own involvement.

"This has now turned into a reputation matter, financial, and political and that is why you will now see more of me," Mr. Svanberg.

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