Wednesday, February 05, 2014

EDUCATION - Recess and Physical Education, Making a Comeback

"Schools reprioritize playtime to boost concentration and teach social skills" PBS Newshour 2/4/2014


APRIL BROWN (Newshour):  The kids in Katie McLiver’s first grade class at Fox Hill Elementary School are no strangers to the dance floor.  Short brain breaks like this are part of regular, purposeful physical activities that take place every day at this suburban Indianapolis school, both inside the classroom and out.

TOM O’NEILL, Playworks:  As a grown man, playing games is a dream job.

APRIL BROWN:  Tom O’Neill is known as Coach Tom around here, the man who has a slew of games for every grade and helps make sure all Fox Hill kids have a chance to move and play during the day.

O’Neill is the school’s coordinator for Playworks, a national nonprofit that helps fund positions for coaches like him in low-income schools.

TOM O’NEILL:  By playing games, we learn how to socialize with each other.  We learn about fair play and respecting each other.  If we don’t play those games, how are we supposed go out and have a conversation with somebody if we can’t even play a game with them?

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