Monday, September 13, 2021

AFGHANISTAN - Taliban Rule Week 9/6/2021

"Taliban takeover threatens Afghan agriculture as farmers fear being forced to grow poppyPBS NewsHour 9/6/2021


SUMMARY:  As Afghans figure out how to get on with their lives, fears abound that the new Taliban government will crack down on local business and commerce.  The Taliban takeover could cripple Afghan farmers in the middle of their harvest, in a country where agriculture is the lifeblood of rural communities and is Afghanistan’s largest export business.  Special correspondent Mike Cerre reports.



"Taliban gain control of Panjshir Valley but are yet to form an official governmentPBS NewsHour 9/6/2021


SUMMARY:  A senior State Department official confirmed the United States evacuated four Americans from Afghanistan and relocated them to a nearby country in the first known U.S. overland extraction since the August 31 withdrawal deadline.  As Ali Rogin reports, that comes as Taliban fighters claim to have seized the country's last pocket of resistance.



"What we know about the Taliban men who will form Afghanistan’s interim governmentPBS NewsHour 9/7/2021


SUMMARY:  The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan continues as the group announced leaders of a "caretaker" government Tuesday.  Meanwhile, the U.S. Secretaries of State and defense were in the Gulf region, in Qatar, where the American evacuation mission is headquartered, and the White House requested $6.4 billion for both the evacuation and resettlement of Afghan refugees.  Yamiche Alcindor reports.



"Two experts on Afghanistan’s ‘caretaker’ government and its ties to other terrorist groupsPBS NewsHour 9/7/2021


SUMMARY:  To learn more about the men leading the new Taliban government in Afghanistan, Judy Woodruff speaks to Ahmed Rashid a journalist and author of "Taliban: Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism in Central Asia," and Douglas London who had a 34-year CIA career and authored the new book “The Recruiter: Spying and the Lost Art of American Intelligence.”



"Many Afghans haven’t eaten in weeks as Taliban rule triggers humanitarian crisisPBS NewsHour 9/9/2021


SUMMARY:  An international commercial flight took off from the Kabul airport Thursday for the first since the Taliban seized the country.  On the evacuation flight were 200 foreigners, among them Americans.  But they leave behind a country in a humanitarian crisis.  Ali Rogin has the story.

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