Monday, September 13, 2021

CALIFORNIA - Republican Takeover Attempt

COMMENTS:  I am a Californian in San Diego.  In 2000 I was a registered (moderate) Republican by default because my parents were Republicans and I was (now retired) in the U.S. Navy and military tended to be Republican and even voted for H.W. Bush.

Because of the actions of G.W. Bush in 2000, and a review of the GOP Plank, I realized that the GOP was not what I thought it was.  Therefore I changed to "Unaffiliated" which is non-partisan in California.

The GOP worships money.  They behave as if the poor or middle-class are not worth spending any money on.  They will only spend money on Big Business and The Rich, and both do not need the tax brakes nor cash input from government.  When do you think a family/person with a 6-figure yearly income has had to worry about loosing the home they live in, or living day-to-day worrying about paying bills?

The bottom line is today's GOP does not care about the poor or middle-class.

The issue in California IS about Newsom refusing to follow the lead of governors of Texas or Florida and fully open California with the COVID-19 Pandemic in full effect.  They wanted Newsom to risk the lives of Californians for money.  They count small business closures due to Newsom following the science and experts' mandates, which is correct to protect people AND because small business (aka mom & pop) are not the ones who hire large numbers of employees.  The same for shutting down schools because of COVID-19, again Republicans what to risk the lives of children.  Republicans lie about school funding, ignoring that Trump and his Republican henchmen cut federal school subsidies to Democratic states but not Republican states and we have been dealing with a shortfall every year since.

This is a Trump/GOP revenge attack based on exaggerations and lies.

"Why is Newsom facing recall?  Here’s what you need to know about California’s politicsPBS NewsHour 9/8/2021

PS-  My "NO" mail-in ballot has be received and counted (got both text messages).


SUMMARY:  Should he stay or should he go?  That's the big question facing California's 22 million voters about their Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, who is facing a recall election next Tuesday.  To sort out what's at stake for Newsom and the 46 candidates vying to replace him, Judy Woodruff turns to Scott Shafer, the politics and government editor for public media station KQED in San Francisco.

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