Monday, October 30, 2017

REPUBLICANS - The Family Feud

"Feud between Trump, GOP members reaches new heights" PBS NewsHour 10/24/2017


SUMMARY:  The Republican rift in Congress became even more public as Sen.  Bob Corker of Tennessee engaged in another Twitter battle with President Trump, and Arizona Sen. Jeff Blake announced he will not seek re-election in a speech charged with criticism aimed at the president and his leadership of the GOP.  Lisa Desjardins reports, then Judy Woodruff speaks with Erica Werner of the Associated Press.

"Thune: GOP trying stay focused on agenda despite 'family feuds'" PBS NewsHour 10/24/2017


SUMMARY:  The public rift between President Trump and members of his own party is raising questions about the future of the GOP's legislative agenda.  Judy Woodruff speaks with Republican Sen. John Thune of South Dakota to explore what this feud will mean for Republican efforts to pass tax reform legislation and more.

"Does picking fights with GOP members help or hurt Trump?" PBS NewsHour 10/25/2017


SUMMARY:  Judy Woodruff sits down with Matt Schlapp of the American Conservative Union and Democratic consultant Hilary Rosen to discuss the increasingly public rift in the Republican Party, how high-profile GOP retirements may affect the political landscape, the revelation that the DNC and the Clinton campaign helped finance the notorious Trump dossier, and the President's controversial condolence call.

"'There is a battle going on for the soul of the Republican Party,' says Rep. Charlie Dent" PBS NewsHour 10/25/2017

What 'soul?'  Today's Republican Party has none, or at the very least it's a small and shriveled one.


SUMMARY:  Republican Rep. Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania says Congress is going to be “a lot worse off” without Sen. Jeff Flake, who announced on Tuesday that he wouldn't seek re-election due to the current political climate.  Dent, who has also said he won't run again in 2018, joins Judy Woodruff to discuss the need for lawmakers to act as a check on the President, plus the outlook for tax reform.

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