Monday, October 09, 2017

PUERTO RICO - Loss and Rebuilding

"Puerto Ricans who lost everything begin rebuilding as they wait for aid" PBS NewsHour 10/2/2017


SUMMARY:  The road to recovery in Puerto Rico will be long and daunting, as electricity, fuel and transportation remain crippled in the wake of Hurricane Maria.  Citizens who have lost everything to the storm are trying to rebuild, but continue to wait for assistance as the military surveys the damage.  Special correspondent Monica Villamizar reports.

"How Puerto Ricans see President Trump’s hurricane response" PBS NewsHour 10/3/2017


SUMMARY:  Two weeks after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, President Trump toured parts of the island to assess the damage and relief efforts.  Praising the work of FEMA, Mr. Trump complained about the cost of recovery and said Puerto Ricans need to do more.  Special correspondent Monica Villamizar joins Judy Woodruff to discuss how Puerto Ricans are responding to the President’s visit and comments.

"San Juan mayor: Trump can attack me as long as it gets out the message that Puerto Ricans are hungry" PBS NewsHour 10/4/2017


SUMMARY:  The federal response in Puerto Rico continues to draw criticism from locals, their dissatisfaction amplified by President Trump’s visit to the island on Tuesday.  San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz talks with special correspondent Monica Villamizar about the President’s visit and the disconnect she sees between the White House and the reality in Puerto Rico.

"Shuttered school in Puerto Rico opens its doors for community in need" PBS NewsHour 10/6/2017


SUMMARY:  Hurricane Maria has taken a toll on Puerto Rico’s power grid and water supply, but for children, school closures and isolation from friends presents a daily reminder of the storm's devastation.  For a working class community outside San Juan, schools have become spaces of refuge where people can access food, medicine and psychological support.  Special correspondent Monica Villamizar reports.

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