Monday, May 29, 2017

TRUMP DIPLOMACY - First Overseas Trip Updated

IMHO:  Trump insults and shoves aside others, does not understand you don't negotiate EU issues with just one country.

And (as usual) it's Trump first, Trump all the time.

"On Iran and anti-extremism, Trump strikes different note from his predecessors" PBS NewsHour 5/22/2017


SUMMARY:  On his first trip abroad, President Trump met this weekend with Arab leaders in an attempt to reset relations between the U.S. and Middle East.  How is this president changing U.S. foreign policy?  Judy Woodruff speaks with Elliott Abrams, a former administration official under George W. Bush, Robin Wright of the United States Institute of Peace, and Daniel Benjamin of Dartmouth College.

"After tone-shifting speech in Saudi Arabia, Trump broaches peace prospects in Israel" PBS NewsHour 5/22/2017


SUMMARY:  President Trump is in Israel, where he spent the day talking up peace prospects in the region.  John Yang reports on the president's arrival and recaps Mr. Trump's high-profile address in Saudi Arabia over the weekend, then Judy Woodruff gets an update from Tamara Keith of NPR, who's reporting from Jerusalem.

"President Trump and Pope Francis trade gifts, not barbs, in first meeting" PBS NewsHour 5/24/2017


SUMMARY:  President Trump met privately with Pope Francis on Wednesday, his first audience with the leader of the Catholic Church, and with whom he has clashed publicly in the past.  Last year, the religious leader disavowed Candidate Trump's pledge for a border wall, prompting Mr. Trump to dig back.  Special correspondent Malcolm Brabant reports on their interaction at the Vatican.

"At NATO, Trump calls out allies on unpaid dues while staying mum on joint defense pact" PBS NewsHour 5/25/2017


SUMMARY:  At his first meeting of NATO leaders, President Trump again criticized the allies for falling short on their share of defense spending.  Mr. Trump was also the first U.S. President to not explicitly endorse NATO's collective dense clause.  Special correspondent Ryan Chilcote, reporting from Brussels, joins Judy Woodruff to discuss the reactions from European leaders and more.

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg holds a news conference (33:41)

"How world leaders tried to bend Trump's ear during his first trip abroad" PBS NewsHour 5/26/2017


SUMMARY:  President Trump spent the final day of his first trip abroad in Sicily at a G-7 Summit, where he met with several world leaders to discuss issues such as climate change and trade.  It wrapped up a busy week with stops in Saudi Arabia, Israel and the West Bank, the Vatican and the headquarters of the European Union and NATO.  Hari Sreenivasan speaks with Margaret Talev of Bloomberg News.

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