Monday, May 08, 2017


aka "The Art of Screwing American Taxpayers, Again"

"The biggest spending bill trade-offs for Republicans and Democrats" PBS NewsHour 5/1/2017


SUMMARY:  Congress' first bipartisan deal of the Trump era is a massive spending deal that keeps government running through the fall and boosts funding for the Pentagon and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  But to get needed Democratic votes on board, a number of President Trump's top priorities were cast aside.  Lisa Desjardins joins William Brangham for a closer look.

"Does the spending compromise set Congress up for a bigger fight later?" PBS NewsHour 5/1/2017


SUMMARY:  Congress was able to agree on a compromise deal to avert a government shutdown, but a bigger fight may come in the fall when the current spending bill runs out.  Amy Walter of The Cook Political Report and Tamara Keith of NPR join William Brangham to discuss the spending deal, plus the current state of Republican efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare and President Trump’s 100-day rally.

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