Monday, May 22, 2017

TRUMP DIPLOMACY - First Overseas Trip

"The possible wins and potential pitfalls of Trump's first overseas trip" PBS NewsHour 5/18/2017


SUMMARY:  President Trump leaves Friday for his first overseas trip, with visits planned for Saudi Arabia, Israel, the West Bank, the Vatican for an audience with the pope, and to Sicily for a G7 Summit.  Judy Woodruff gets perspectives from former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Stephen Hadley a former National Security Advisor, on how the President plans to tackle policy on the world stage.

"Trump signs Saudi arms deal on first foreign trip" PBS NewsHour 5/20/2017

aka 'The Bribe'


SUMMARY:  President Donald Trump visited Saudi Arabia Saturday on his first stop abroad as commander-in-chief.  During the visit, he signed several deals with Saudi King Salman, including a military sales worth billions and a commitment to cooperate on defense.  Ben Hubbard, Middle East correspondent for The New York Times, joins Alison Stewart from Riyadh to discuss the trip.

"Trump calls on Arab world to unite against extremism" PBS NewsHour 5/21/2017


SUMMARY:  President Trump on Sunday called on the Arab world to show unity and partner with the U.S. to combat extremism and terrorism.  The speech was held in Saudi Arabia to a summit of leaders from 50 Arab and Muslim-majority countries.  Gary Sick a senior researcher scholar at Columbia University, and Farah Pandith a senior fellow with the Council on Foreign Relations, join Alison Stewart with more.

Full Trump Speech (33:39)

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