Monday, May 22, 2017

NEWSHOUR'S IMHO - Writing Memoirs

"To Richard Ford, writing a memoir is to utter what must not be erased" PBS NewsHour 5/19/2017

COMMENT:  My brotherinlaw was born in Europe during WWII, and he and his mother spent time in a concentration camp.  He was very, very reluctant to talk to his children about what happened.  Several years after his children were born he gave me hand-written notes and asked me to write his memoir using my word processor, and printing 2 copies to give is son and daughter the following Christmas.  His memoir was an eye opener for me and very much appreciate by his children who had asked for his story.


SUMMARY:  Richard Ford's parents were ordinary people, "all but un-noticeable to the world's disinterested eye."  But the acclaimed writer still decided to write a memoir of their lives because, to him, being their son felt like a privilege.  And more simply, he missed them.  Ford offers his humble opinion on the power of memoir to make us remember what's most vital to us.

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