Wednesday, April 23, 2014

POLITICS - Anti-Voting State Laws vs Voting Rights

The agenda of the supporters of these new restrictions to voting is clear, to curtail the vote of liberal (aka Democratic) voters.  They have never presented documented evidence of wide-spread voter fraud.  It is not a coincidence that these laws are passed in Republican controlled states.

"Was the Supreme Court ruling a setback for voting rights?" PBS NewsHour 4/21/2014


GWEN IFILL (NewsHour):  As you just heard, the Supreme Court’s rulings continue to resonate on any number of critical issues.  And as the midterm elections approach, we turn our attention tonight to one decision that could have immediate impact.

In the nearly-a-year since the Supreme Court struck down a key portion of the Voting Rights Act, five states have tightened access to voting.  From Texas to Virginia, state and local governments have taken steps to require voter identification, eliminate same-day registration, and to limit voting hours and locations.

The Obama administration is now pushing back, launching its own investigations into polling place complaints.  The president himself has led the charge, speaking earlier this month in New York.

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA:  But the stark, simple truth is this: The right to vote is threatened today in a way that it has not been since the Voting Rights Act became law nearly five decades ago.

GWEN IFILL:  Former President Bill Clinton suggested the Supreme Court decision was a setback for civil rights during a speech at the LBJ Library two days earlier.

FMR. PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON:  And all of a sudden, there are all new barriers to voting to make it harder to vote.  Is this what Martin Luther King gave his life for?  Is this what Lyndon Johnson employed his legendary skills for?

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