Wednesday, April 16, 2014

OREGON - The Intergenerational Community

This bringing back the old cultural idea of extended family living, grandparents and children living together.  In this case, seniors and young interacting which helps both groups.

"Foster families find and share support with elders at Oregon housing community" PBS NewsHour 4/15/2014


SUMMARY:  At a special housing development in Oregon, families who adopt foster children live side by side with seniors who volunteer their time in exchange for affordable rent.  The NewsHour's Cat Wise reports how members of the intergenerational community find support and connection together.
DERENDA SCHUBERT, Executive Director, Bridge Meadows:  One of the beautiful features of Bridge Meadows is that there’s reciprocity among the generations, so the elders are providing love and support to the families, and the families are doing the same, and even the children are giving back to the elders.

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