Wednesday, April 09, 2014

AFGHANISTAN - Critical Elections 2014

"Lack of election violence, high voter turnout in Afghanistan is ‘fantastic slap’ to Taliban" (Part-1) PBS NewsHour 4/7/2014


SUMMARY:  Despite the escalation of deadly strikes in the lead up to the election in Afghanistan, long lines formed at polling places in Kabul and ballots came by the truckload from far reaches of the country.  As officials continue their hand-count of votes, chief foreign correspondent Margaret Warner reports on the three frontrunners who may be named the next president.

"Why Afghans felt their vote for president mattered in 2014" (Part-2) PBS NewsHour 4/7/2014


SUMMARY:  Chief foreign correspondent Margaret Warner joins Gwen Ifill for a closer look at the historic 2014 presidential election in Afghanistan, including the role of Afghan security forces in keeping polling safe, rumors of voting fraud, whether the United States favors a candidate, as well as what distinguished this election for average citizens.

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