Monday, April 19, 2021


"Biden’s bipartisanship: What we learned from the President’s meeting with lawmakersPBS NewsHour 4/12/2021


SUMMARY:  Congress returns from recess this week, and as we reported earlier, the first stop for a bipartisan group of lawmakers was the White House — invited by the President as he works to sell his American Jobs Plan on infrastructure and climate.  Congressional correspondent Lisa Desjardins joins us for an update.



"Biden to remove remaining U.S. troops from Afghanistan by SeptemberPBS NewsHour 4/13/2021


SUMMARY:  President Biden plans to announce Wednesday that all 2,500 U.S. troops in Afghanistan will leave the country by Sept. 11.  The troop withdrawal would be four months later than the previous deadline, and top Republicans immediately criticized the move.  Amna Nawaz joins Judy Woodruff to discuss.



"Biden says U.S. will still ‘hold Taliban accountable’ after troops leave AfghanistanPBS NewsHour 4/14/2021


SUMMARY:  President Joe Biden formally announced Wednesday that the United States would withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by September 11, 20 years since the fateful day that led to the U.S. invasion.  More than 2,300 American soldiers have lost their lives in what's become the country's longest war.  John Yang begins our coverage.



"How the U.S. plans to address educational inequities, teacher burnout and school shootingsPBS NewsHour 4/14/2021


SUMMARY:  More than half of public schools around the country are back to full time in-person classes.  But many school districts still are using distance or hybrid learning, and there are many questions ahead about what it will take to reopen more fully in the coming months.  Amna Nawaz looks at those questions and more with Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona.



"Biden flip-flops on refugee policy after blowback for keeping Trump-era restrictionsPBS NewsHour 4/16/2021


SUMMARY:  Friday saw the Biden Administration giving mixed messages on refugee admission.  After receiving blowback for keeping the historically low refugee cap set by President Trump, the White House quickly reversed its position, and said it will move to lift them.  Yamiche Alcindor has more on the flip-flop, and discusses it with Jenny Yang, the vice president of advocacy and policy at World Relief.

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