Monday, April 26, 2021

AMERICAN SIKHS - Courageous Vulnerability

Note that one of the Sikh beliefs is they must support the community (town, state, federal) and the law.  Which is why the British Army in India had so many in their ranks.

"‘Courageous vulnerability’: Sikhs reflect on targeted attacks after FedEx shootingPBS NewsHour 4/19/2021


SUMMARY:  We take a moment to remember the lives lost in the recent FedEx shooting.  While we still don't know about the suspect's motive, half of those killed were Sikhs.  The Sikh community, which has grown over many years in the Indianapolis area, is in mourning.  Simran Jeet Singh a senior fellow at the Sikh Coalition who is connected to the Indianapolis community, joins Amna Nawaz to discuss.

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