Monday, June 05, 2017

TRUMP ADMINISTRATION - Kushner + Russia Chaos

Now, from the most corrupt Administration in U.S. history:

"Damage control over Jared Kushner's reported Russia communication hasn't quelled criticism" PBS NewsHour 5/29/2017


SUMMARY:  Several top Trump administration officials have come out defending senior adviser Jared Kushner after it was reported that he had discussed with the Russian ambassador the possibility of opening a secret communication backchannel between the Trump team and Russia.  William Brangham gets perspective from former CIA officer John Sipher and former FBI agent Frank Montoya, Jr.

"Will a 'war room' for combatting Russia probe fallout help the White House?" PBS NewsHour 5/29/2017

IMHO:  These uncoordinated clowns couldn't screw in a light bulb.


SUMMARY:  William Brangham talks to Amy Walter of The Cook Political Report and Tamara Keith of NPR about the allegations against Jared Kushner over his communications with Russian officials, the White House's handling of the Russia probe and takeaways from President Trump's first foreign trip.

"Clapper: Jared Kushner's alleged secret back channel with Russia 'curious' and unusual" PBS NewsHour 5/30/2017


SUMMARY:  When it comes to the Russia investigations, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper asks: “Why all the cloak-and-dagger secrecy?”  In a wide-ranging interview with Judy Woodruff, Clapper discusses the probe into Jared Kushner's alleged secret back channels with Russia, along with North Korea's nuclear program, and the recent terrorist attack in Manchester.

"Back at the White House, Trump administration fends off questions on Kushner, Germany" PBS NewsHour 5/30/2017

IMHO:  All lies and spin from an Administration with no conscience connection to truth.


SUMMARY:  Even after two weeks since the last on-camera White House briefing, the main topic was the same; the connection between Russia and the Trump campaign, specifically reports that Jared Kushner sought to set up a direct line to Russia's President Putin outside normal diplomatic channels.  Meanwhile, President Trump tweeted about fake news and criticism of Germany.  John Yang reports.

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