Monday, June 05, 2017

HEALTH - Premature Babies

"Part 1 — The simple acts of care that could help premature babies develop" PBS NewsHour 5/30/2017


SUMMARY:  Can the most basic nurturing techniques help heal the traumas of premature birth?  Leaving the womb too early puts babies at a higher risk for emotional, behavioral and developmental challenges later in life.  William Brangham reports on one research effort in New York aimed at minimizing those impacts by strengthening the emotional connection between mother and child.

"Part 2 — The science of nurturing and its impact on premature babies" PBS NewsHour 5/31/2017


SUMMARY:  A long-term study on helping preterm babies, using the simplest of interventions, is showing signs of promise.  In part two of our story, William Brangham explores the study's outcomes, as well as questions about the complex past of the doctor behind it.

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