Monday, February 27, 2017

TRUMP AGENDA - Transgender School Guidelines

THINK ABOUT IT:  There was a Facebook post on this issue that had a pic of a guy in jeans learning at girls in a school restroom.  Problem, a transgender boy would NOT be dressed as a boy, 'she' would be dressed as a girl.

Now think about how a transgender boy (dressed as a girl) would feel being forced to use a boy's restroom, or a transgender girl (dressed as a boy) would feel being forced to use the girl's restroom.  You can imagine the bulling and harassment the student would suffer.

The real solution is to have all schools have at least one unisex restroom.

"How scrapping transgender bathroom guidelines impacts schools" PBS NewsHour 2/22/2017


SUMMARY:  Federal guidelines advising schools to let transgender kids use the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity are being withdrawn by the Departments of Justice and Education.  What will the Trump administration's change mean for schools and students?  William Brangham talks to Evie Blad of Education Week.

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