Monday, October 31, 2016

PLAY BALL - Baseball's 2016 World Series

"Long-suffering fans savor Chicago-Cleveland World Series matchup" PBS NewsHour 10/24/2016


SUMMARY:  It's a victory the Chicago Cubs haven't had in 71 years, a ticket to the World Series.  If they win, it will be the first time since 1908.  But their opponents are also hoping for an end to a long drought:  The Cubs are playing the Cleveland Indians, who haven't won the championship since 1948.  John Yang speaks with Al Pawlowski of Fox SportsTime Ohio and Rick Telander of Chicago Sun-Times for more.

JUDY WOODRUFF (NewsHour):  After all of these years, it's hard to believe this next sentence, but fans know it's true:  The Chicago Cubs will face off against the Cleveland Indians starting tomorrow night in the World Series.

Life is about to change in one of these cities, whose fans have long suffered and waited decades for a baseball championship.

John Yang, who has Chicago and Cleveland roots of his own, is our guide.

MAN:  The Cubs have won the pennant!

JOHN YANG (NewsHour):  It's a call that hasn't been made in 71 years.  The Chicago Cubs and their long-suffering fans are finally going back to World Series.

WOMAN:  Oh, my gosh, I was crying the whole game.  I'm out of tears.

WOMAN:  It's unbelievable.  Like, all you think is, are they really going to do it and am I going to be there?  And we were.  We were here to watch them win.

JOHN YANG:  Cubs fans have seen their share of heartbreak, including losing 101 games just four years ago.  The last time the Cubs actually won the World Series, 1908.  The last time they won a pennant, a local tavern owner and his goat were kicked out of World Series game four at Wrigley Field.  Ever since, the curse of the billy goat, and some notorious blunders on field and off, have kept them on the outside looking in.

But the Cubs aren't the only team hoping to end a World Series drought this year.  They're set to face the Cleveland Indians, who haven't won the fall classic since 1948.  They have made it three times since, but lost each time, most recently in 1995 and 1997.

WOMAN:  Just amazing.  They're doing great, and I know they're going to bring that World Series home.

JOHN YANG:  Game one is set for Tuesday in Cleveland, and the excitement in both cities is running high.  According to tracking site TicketIQ, standing room for Tuesday's start at $860.  And for Friday's game in Chicago, $2,000.

More on this moment, the history and the mood from a pair of sports reporters covering these teams.

Al Pawlowski is host of “Indians Live,” the Cleveland pre- and post-game shows on Fox SportsTime Ohio.  And Rick Telander is the senior sports columnist for The Chicago Sun-Times.


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