Monday, September 07, 2015

What has our (U.S.) Negligence Wrought?

Our negligence:

1)  G.W. Bush invades Iraq and that draws our military strength away from Afghanistan which harbored the 9/11 terrorists.

2)  We fail to support ANY military action in the Syrian civil war, not even air strikes.


A)  Our involvement in Afghanistan goes on for 11+ years.

B)  Syria is, for all intents and purposes, is destroyed by a megalomaniac dictator.

C)  And Iraq ends up with a non-functional and divided government, and a weakened and non-effective military.

D)  Now we have ISIS, and IMO, Putin perceives an opportunity to expand Russian power.

I firmly believe that if we had NOT invaded Iraq and stayed focused on Afghanistan, we would not have been there for 11yrs and the Afghanistan government would have been more stable.  Iraq would have had an army that could counter any over-spill from Syria.

If we had at least given air support in the Syrian civil war by bombing Bashar al-Assad's army depots (especially tanks) and air fields, Syria would have been much better off and ISIS would not have been born.

Our inaction or negligence is what has put the U.S. and countries in the region is grave danger.  This will cost us even more now AND we may not be able to reverse the consequences.

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