Monday, September 21, 2015

POLITICS - They're Tracking You on Smartphones

"Smartphone user?  The 2016 candidates are watching you" PBS NewsHour 9/18/2015


SUMMARY:  If you own a smartphone, you are already on the frontline of the 2016 presidential race.  On the left and the right, campaigns are amassing information about you and figuring out how to influence you with individualized marketing.  And that's not the only way that candidates have gone digital.  Political director Lisa Desjardins reports.

LISA DESJARDINS (NewsHour):  With all the gentility of a marching band, the presidential campaign is under way and booming.  But like much of America, you may think the 2016 presidential fight has yet to really enter your life.

Do you think any of the campaigns are paying any attention to you right now?

WOMAN:  Not really, no.

MAN:  Very little.

WOMAN:  Not a whole lot.

MAN:  Probably almost zero.

WOMAN:  Not really, no.

LISA DESJARDINS:  And last question, do you have a cell phone?

WOMAN:  Of course.

MAN:  Yes, I do.

WOMAN:  I do.

MAN:  Yes, I have a cell phone.

MAN:  Yes, I have a cell phone.  It’s a very big part of my life because I do a lot with my cell phone.

LISA DESJARDINS:  If you have a smartphone — and two-thirds of us in America do, according to the Pew Research Center — you are already on the radar for most 2016 campaigns.  That’s because campaigns left and right are now amassing more and more data about voters, and they’re trying to influence you this time around using this.

COMMENT:  Hum..... so we are suppose to worry about government tracking but NOT about political tracking?  Really?!

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