Monday, September 21, 2015


All that has been said and in articles I've posted, race is a problem, a big problem.  The race and policing, economic history, attempted fixes, and much more.

But the one question that has been missed (IMHO) is WHY?

If you look at ALL of human history (as opposed to recent) slavery has been a 'norm.'  One society conquers another, and usually makes the conquered people slaves.

Some societies did absorb conquered people.  Like some Native American tribes or the early Roman Republic (freed slaves become Roman citizens), but a conquered people were still generally looked upon as inferior.

In recent history this behavior has been repudiated for the most part, so now the conversation is that all people are deserving of respect and the benefits of society.  But it is very hard to overcome the very long behaviors of human history especially if the long human history is not acknowledged.

There is much work to be done to overcome prejudices of human history and recent events.  This work will be very, very long and hard, especially if human history is not appreciated.

We need to NEVER give up in the fight against prejudice.

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