Monday, May 25, 2015

MEDIA - Yosemite Moonlight Rainbows

"Photographers chase Yosemite’s rare moonlight rainbows" PBS NewsHour 5/21/2015


SUMMARY:  On a clear night in Yosemite, only a few times each year, the full moon hits a misty spray of the highest waterfall in the park, creating a nighttime rainbow that is visible only through a camera lens.  But this year, Yosemite Falls, which normally flows until August, will be dry by June, making more moonbow sightings uncertain.  Special correspondent Sandra Hughes reports.

JUDY WOODRUFF (NewsHour):  Now a look at some of the wonders of the country’s first wilderness preserve.

Special correspondent Sandra Hughes reports from the Western Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

SANDRA HUGHES (NewsHour):  In its 125th year as a national park, Yosemite remains as beautiful as it is popular.  On most weekends, just getting inside the park takes patience.

But the 1,100-square-mile natural wonder in Northern California is worth the wait for the 4 million visitors who travel here every year from all over the world.

CHILD:  Yosemite.

GARY HART, Photographer:  I think it’s the most beautiful place in the world.  This time of year in particular is kind of — I call it — spring kind of the postcard Yosemite.

SANDRA HUGHES:  Gary Hart understands Yosemite’s draw.  A nature photographer who has shot every corner of this park…

GARY HART:  I got it.

SANDRA HUGHES:  … Hart leads photography expeditions for students out to capture Yosemite’s famous and lesser known wonders.

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