Monday, May 25, 2015

CHANGES - Goodby to David Letterman

"Saying goodnight to stupid pet tricks, top 10 lists and David Letterman" PBS NewsHour 5/19/2015


SUMMARY:  In the fall, Stephen Colbert will take over the TV time slot that has belonged to David Letterman for 22 years.  The host of CBS' Late Night with David Letterman influenced generations of comedians and brought a new voice to late night.  He was silly with an edge, known for his engaged, and occasionally confrontational interviewing style.  Jeffrey Brown looks back at Letterman’s career and legacy.

GWEN IFILL (NewsHour):  David Letterman will sign off for the last time tomorrow, capping a late-night career that lasted more than three decades, even longer than the late-night titan Johnny Carson.

Letterman, and now a generation of younger comedians, drastically changed the landscape Carson left behind.  And now it’s set to change again.

Jeffrey Brown looks at Letterman’s enduring influence.

TINA FEY, Actress:  My gift to you is, I want to give you the dress.  You can keep it.



JEFFREY BROWN (NewsHour):  In the final days of his program, David Letterman has heard raves and roasts.

DAVID LETTERMAN:  How long have we been friends?  I guess you alluded to 30 — oh, you can go back to the morning show.

STEVE MARTIN, Comedian:  The morning show, yes, I was on the show then, but that doesn’t make us friends.


JEFFREY BROWN:  From a parade of stars, many of whom have joined him often in his 33-year network career.

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