Friday, May 16, 2014

RETIREMENT - Senior Commuities Associated With Colleges

"Why more seniors are going back to college — to retire" PBS NewsHour 5/14/2014


JUDY WOODRUFF (NewsHour):  ..... Many Americans have strong and nostalgic ties to their colleges and universities.  Some of those institutions are reviving those relationships by developing retirement communities for former students and others.

NewsHour special correspondent Spencer Michels reports on one such development, and its residents.  It’s part of our Taking Care series.

SPENCER MICHELS (NewsHour):  Have you been stung?

RAY GOLDWIRE, Resident, Oak Hammock:  Many times.


RAY GOLDWIRE:  Yes, and the thing about getting stung, you really sort of get immune to it after a while.

SPENCER MICHELS:  Ten years ago, when he was 69, Ray Goldwire and his wife, Ann, moved into a new retirement home in Gainesville, Florida, north of Orlando, and a few years later he began a new hobby: beekeeping.

RAY GOLDWIRE:  It’s entirely different from anything I have ever done before, just like I started singing in the chorus this year, because I have never sung before.

SPENCER MICHELS:  The Goldwires chose a place to live that they hoped would keep them stimulated in their retirement years.  They live with about 400 other residents at Oak Hammock.  It’s affiliated with, and close to, the University of Florida Ray Goldwire’s alma mater.

And it’s a far cry from their first try at retirement living.

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