Thursday, May 01, 2014

OKLAHOMA - Botched Execution

My preferred execution for this A-hole is being put on a spit and slow roasted over hot coals.

"Botched execution in Oklahoma raises questions about lethal injection process" PBS NewsHour 4/30/2014


JUDY WOODRUFF (NewsHour):  In Oklahoma last night, an execution went terribly wrong after the state tried a new, untested combination of drugs in what was supposed to be a lethal injection.  Thirty-eight-year-old Clayton Lockett, convicted of shooting a 19-year-old girl and watching as friends buried her alive, wound up dying from a heart attack in what onlookers described as a gruesome process that took far longer than expected.

As a result, the execution of another convicted killer, which was supposed to take place two hours after Lockett’s, was put on hold by Oklahoma’s Republican governor.

Today, the White House press secretary deplored what happened:

JAY CARNEY, White House Press Secretary:  We have a fundamental standard in this country that, even when the death penalty is justified, it must be carried out humanely.  And I think everyone would recognize that this case fell short of that standard.

JUDY WOODRUFF:  Later in the day, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin said the state is launching an investigation.  She said it will try to determine Lockett’s cause of death and whether the Department of Corrections followed appropriate protocols and make recommendations to improve standards going forward.

But Governor Fallin also defended the state’s death penalty law.

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