Monday, May 12, 2014

ART - The "Brave New Workshop"

"Brave New Workshop takes satirical look at hot-button issues" PBS NewsHour 5/10/2014


SUMMARY:  The actors at Brave New Workshop have been writing and performing satire longer than any other theater in the United States.  "MN Original" of Twin Cities Public Television takes a look at the pioneering comedic theater with an alumni list that includes Al Franken and Louie Anderson.

BRAVE NEW WORKSHOP (performance):  I love you so much, Bloopeekins.  Oh, I am over the moon that we are finally married.  Thank you, Minnesota.  Thank you, Minnesota.

LAUREN ANDERSON:  Humor’s such a great tool to get things out.

BRAVE NEW WORKSHOP (performance):  It is so nice to see another loving couple finally getting married.  Oh, no.  No, we’re not getting married.  We’re getting divorced.

LAUREN ANDERSON:  Once you’re laughing with people you have a shared experience with them, and people that have shared experiences relax a little bit.  They calm down.  They feel closer to each other.  And when you feel closer and more connected you’re able to discus things in a way that you wouldn’t if you felt isolated.

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