Monday, December 16, 2013

TECHNOLOGY - Domestic UAS, Crowed Skies? (revisited)

"How will thousands of drones impact already crowded skies?" PBS Newshour 12/14/2013

UAS "Unmanned Aerial System" aka UAV


SUMMARY:  Drone aircraft might be delivering Amazon orders to your door soon says Jeff Bezos.  But first states and the federal government are wrestling with the implications of many new, pilotless aircraft -- how they might affect civil liberties -- and how to keep them out of the way of manned aircraft in skies that are already crowded.

RICK KARR (Newshour):  The future of aviation could be an aircraft light enough to be carried by a grad student, rugged enough to take off from a grassy field, and flexible enough to do just about anything in the air.  Not firing missiles -- this one’s designed to chase storms in Tornado Alley.  But it could just as easily search for someone who’s missing ... relay communications in an emergency ... monitor a pipeline for leaks ... maybe even deliver packages.

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